Manufacturing Plant of Anti-covid and Other Vaccines, Project ‘of Highest Importance’

Mamiky Motshwane, Johannesburg

King Mohammed VI chaired, on Thursday, in the province of Benslimane (Casablanca-Settat Region), the ceremony to launch the works for the construction of a manufacturing plant for Covid-19 and other vaccines, a structuring project which, ultimately, will contribute to ensuring the vaccine sovereignty of the Kingdom and the African Continent as a whole.

The Benslimane project consists of setting up a vaccine manufacturing and syringe plant (Covid-19 and other vaccines), with 3 industrial lines whose combined production capacity will reach 116 million units in 2024. These lines will be dedicated to the production of pre-filled syringes, liquid vials and freeze-dried vials. The projected investment is approximately 200 million euros, and the start of production of the test batches is scheduled for July 30, 2022.

This Royal project also constitutes a concretization of the proactive vision of the fight against Covid-19 in Morocco, this project carries several meanings, including the resolute determination of Morocco, under the enlightened leadership of the Sovereign, to become a continental platform of biotechnology and a leading country in this field at the global level.

This major project demonstrates the determination to strengthen the health security of Morocco, which under the wise guidance of His Majesty the King, has been set as a priority for a kingdom that is particularly aware of the changes taking place in the post-last world., particularly in the wake of the last two years of the pandemic.

Morocco has been involved in this large-scale strategic project as a kingdom that enjoys undeniable authority in Africa and around the world begins the development and implementation of vaccine production for the benefit of Africa as a whole.

The project aims, in the long term (2023-2030), the creation of an African Pole of biopharmaceutical and vaccine innovation in Morocco recognized worldwide and this, within the framework of a partnership between major international players in the fields of research and development of advanced technologies in vaccines and bio-therapeutic products and all Moroccan institutions of supervision, including the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Industry and Finance.

With the launch of this project in Vaccines and Biotherapeutics and all Moroccan supervisory authorities including the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Industry and Finance, Morocco under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI, will effectively and actively respond to the pandemic crisis and its aftermath.

Another step has been taken for A large and continuous transfer of know-how is planned to position the kingdom over the next five years. Morocco has learned from the epidemic over the past two years, strengthening its focus on Africa and providing an opportunity to turn.