Netherlands Backs Morocco’s Western Sahara Autonomy Plan Statement

Mamiky Motshwane

In its efforts to resolve the Sahara conflict , Morocco continues to receive international backing. The Netherlands has joined the list and backs Morocco’s initiative to end the Sahara dispute. Following the formal visit of Dutch deputy prime minister Wopke Hoekstra to Morocco, the European country affirms its decision. At a bilateral meeting in Marrakech on the occasion of the Global Coalition against Daesh, he spoke with his Moroccan colleague, Nasser Bourita.

According to the Dutch statement, “the Netherlands and Morocco confirm their support for the UN Secretary General personal envoy for Western Sahara and his efforts to continue a political process aimed at obtaining a just, durable, and mutually acceptable settlement in accordance with UN resolutions. The minister stated that the Moroccan proposal is serious and credible, in accordance with other countries’ decisions.

During this same meeting, Hoekstra even offered Bourita to conduct an official visit to the Netherlands, and the two ministers emphasized the significance of the two nations’ reconciliation and connection in their joint statement. They commit to work together on cultural, social, economic, and human rights concerns in the future. They also seek to improve collaboration on other problems including emigration.

The Hague’s new stance follows the United States’, Germany’s, Spain’s, and the Philippines’ backing for Morocco’s autonomy plan, which was portrayed in 2007 as the sole way to settle the conflict.

The Netherlands has joined an ever-growing list of countries. Many European countries have recently come to back Morocco’s autonomy . This is the situation in Spain. For the first time in decades, Spain has recognized Moroccan sovereignty following recent overtures.