Makhura: We must stand with the oppressed Turkish community

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Deputy Minister of Basic Education Enver Surty and Gauteng Premier David Makhura yesterday attended Fountain Educational Trust and Nizamiye Schools End of Year Function and Celebrations of Achievements.

 Makhura and Surty handed over certificates to successful students. Makhura said that education is the most important investment any nation can ever make If any community neglect education they are neglecting the future. In his speech, Premier said that Turkish community’s contribution to education is phenomenal and I want to thank them on behalf of the South African government.

 “I know that this investment you are making in KwaZulu Natal, in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and here in our province in education and I know this resource to run these schools is what comes from the businessmen and business women who give a lot in this, to get education going” Premier added.

Makhura also touched Turkey’s ongoing pressure on Turkish citizens. “I am someone who is very straight forward, and I talk my mind. I am not very happy with the way Turkish government is treating a lot of you who have been declared a terrorist. If terrorists are what you are, then I think I would love to be a terrorist, you know Uncle Ali is the most wonderful man and those of you who know Uncle Ali, I don’t understand how Uncle Ali can be a dangerous person and harmful person who is ought to overthrow the Turkish government”.

Makhura remained that the freedom in South Africa was supported with many people across the world who stood firm, who mobilized, many of them paid price in their own countries and they stood up and said apartheid is injustice. Premier urged his comrades in the program that they should stand with Turkish people who jailed and tortured. Premier completed his talk by saying that a lot of children from poor households benefitting from these schools and Turkish community should continue to do good work despite many challenges they face.

Deputy Minister of Basic Education Minister Surty also said that Nizamiye Complex contributes South Africa’s spiritual values education and health.

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