Mozambique and Seychelles jointly inspecting the Indian Ocean

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Adamo Halde/ InsightAfrica

The governments of Mozambique and Seychelles are expected to sign an agreement to monitor the maritime space of the Indian Ocean soon.

The statement was made at the end of a hearing that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Pacheco, gave Friday to the Secretary of State of the Office of Foreign Affairs in the Presidency of the Republic of Seychelles, Barry Faure.

The rapprochement between these two countries sharing the waters of the Indian Ocean comes at a time when France – which has fought with Seychelles and Madagascar five islands under French administration in the Indian Ocean – has publicly expressed an interest in “sharing its experience” maritime surveillance with Mozambique, and has organized various conferences on the subject in Maputo.

France’s wish is that Mozambique also adopt the “Blue Book of the Indian Ocean”, a French strategy that has been in force since 2011 in the southern islands of this European country.

It should be recalled that Mozambique has focused on regional partnerships for the monitoring of maritime space, and has a tripartite agreement with South Africa and Tanzania.

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