Sony Has Created A Wearable Air Conditioner | Video

Summer is well and truly here. If you have ever wondered why in this modern age of technology nobody has been able to make a wearable air conditioner, Sony has got you covered, well, almost. The Japanese tech giant is crowdfunding the Reon Pocket, a device that’s essentially a wearable air conditioner.

Sony is crowdfunding this product as part of its First Flight program. You would place the Reon Pocket in a pouch inside a special t-shirt. It will then sit at the base of your neck and utilize the Peltier effect to either lower your body temperature by 23F or raise it by 14F silently. The Peltier effect is where heat is absorbed or emitted when an electrical current is passed across a junction.

The temperature can be controlled manually using a mobile app. Sony does point out that an automatic mode could be rolled out for the device through a future software update. You wouldn’t have to worry about charging the device, too. Sony says that it should be able to get a full 24 hours on a single charge and when you do need to charge it, just fill it up in two hours using the USB-C port.

The Reon Pocket project is close to being fully funded, however, it’s only expected to ship in Japan by March next year. Price starts at around $120. No word as yet if Sony plans on launching this device elsewhere.

Source: Uber Gizmo